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Let TSG Do Your Heavy Lifting

TSG provides various options from designing to managing solutions to improve productivity.

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Why choose Technologies Solutions Group?

Technologies Solutions Group, a workflow management company, provides a variety of efficient services, solutions, and products for many different industries supported by experienced and expert team members. TSG provides advanced technologies, solutions, and support across the AIDC industry through system designs, Lean principles, managed print services, and customized solutions to fit your company's needs.


While partnering with leading AIDC and healthcare leaders, Technologies Solutions Group strives to improve existing workflow and supply chain efficiencies with solution based products and services. TSG's services streamline healthcare operations and decreasing medical for better safety and patient care. TSG's services supports other various vertical markets to achieve the same improved outcomes.


To create the most advantageous efficiencies in various vertical markets where TSG provides services and support for hardware, software, media, technology, and custom packages to increase your company's overall results.


1. Industry Specific Solutions

2. RFID Experts

3. Device Management Services

Helping you find the right solutions.

We pride ourselves on bringing a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the table when addressing workflow and systems needs.  Our average systems analyst has 25 years of experience in the barcode and data collection field with not only a wealth of knowledge but industry accreditations to back it up.

 Technologies Solutions Group

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