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About Technologies Solutions Group

Redefining Automation in Healthcare and Other Vertical Markets

Technologies Solutions Group (TSG) is a privately held company with a targeted, diversified, strategic portfolio revolving around supply chain and work-flow automation products. TSG  develops and produces proprietary risk management devices and operating suite workflow software targeting the needs of various industries, including the healthcare industry.      

The executive team has an average of 30 years of  experience in AIDC/RFID.  We have  three emerging proprietary medical products while having key patents and trademarks.  This positions  Technologies Solutions Group (TSG) well as an emerging market leader in healthcare automation while having a solid background in AIDC for other vertical.

Leaders in AIDC:

  1. Dedication and passion for automation in various industries.

  2. Effective and reliable products, services, and solutions.

  3. Experienced employees to design and develop solutions targeted to solve your business needs.


Our Success

The core of our success and industry leadership is not only the quality of our products and services, but our elite partnership with all major industry experts which provides access to special programs, insider knowledge, and expert support.  As a full solution provider, we are committed to offer end-to-end solutions for our client operations and workflow procedures. With programming services, engineering, product development, sales, service, and marketing under one roof, we can control and manage your project from start to finish.

Why Choose TSG?

  • We offer the best total value for your needs.

  • We are a supplier you can trust and count on for consistent service and quality products.

  • We are experts in barcode printers and scanners.

  • We offer repairs and assistance troubleshooting your issues.

 Technologies Solutions Group

...efficiencies in motion

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