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Enterprise Tablets

These units are designed for the mobile environment and cater to applications that need full screen capability to address the application.  Ruggedness varies, as well as capabilities.  Typically, keyboards are electronic, and you don’t have as many choices for optics as portable terminals.  However, touch screen and color are standard, as well as wireless.  Many of these units, being in a completely mobile environment utilize GPRS for communication over the cellular platform.


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TSG offers a wide variety of hardware designed to maximize efficiency and work output in any circumstance. Browse our products below and find what best fits your needs. 

Barcode Scanners

When analyzing an application, recommending the proper fit between hardware, software and the objective is our primary goal. Scanning is an important part of this process. We have integrated scanners to a wide variety of todayʼs platforms. These common offerings include: 1D, 2D, LF, HF, UHF tethered or component level. We will optimize scanning performance by investigating every portion of the application. We integrate scanners to virtually every platform available. This includes PCʼs, lap-tops, portable terminals and fixed station terminals. Matching form, fit and function against customer expectations is critical. Some typical offerings under these lines are tethered and RF barcode scanners, laser, CCD, linear, and digital and vision fixed mount scanners for hands free or conveyor operations.


​Mobility is the buzzword in today's marketplace. Portable terminals allow for a variety of applications ranging from asset management to field service. TSG supports both batch and RF terminals in a variety of configurations per user needs. TSG provides a wide selection of terminal emulator software clients to support telnet, 5250, 3270, VT100/200, and many more. Mobile management products allow TSG, or your company's support team, direct access to portable devices for troubleshooting issues, updating, or any other support needed whether devices are in house or out in the field. 


We offer specialized portable solutions, programming, installation, and support services to meet your company requirements.

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Dimensioning Systems

Logistics is one of the most competitive markets in the modern business world.  In order to stay ahead of the competition, technology must be put in place to efficiently pack anything from vans, to tractor trailers. This requires minimizing the cost per square foot, and the cube per square foot.  Dimensioning systems will figure out how to maximize your packaging space by inputting various information and creating an algorithm for packaging within the cube.  An imaging system will scan the box and instantly know the position and orientation of the box for packaging.  

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Fixed Station Label Printers

Our lines are designed for the fixed and mobile printing in the AIDC marketplace.
The typical offering for label and tag generation is Thermal transfer or direct

Our product lines include:

-Thermal transfer and direct thermal label
and tag printers

-Windows based label creation software

-Pre-printed, stock and custom labels and tags

-Printer integration to existing in-house operating systems

-Print and apply applicators for automated labeling

-Printer parts and accessories

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Portable Terminals

These units are designed for mobile data collection and can range in IP standards, keyboard type, optics type, emulation, batch & wireless, etc. There is a unit that matches every mobile need you might have, ranging from forestry to freezer warehouses. Although CE, windows mobile, and windows embedded have been discontinued, the operating system of choice is now Android or a full Microsoft OS.

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Portable Printers

This equipment has gained popularity in a variety of different business such as warehousing, rental car processing, meter maids and field service.  WIFI, Bluetooth and standard tethered units are common throughout the product line. Enhanced features such as touch screen, internal programming and remote monitoring have become popular in the last couple years. The downside is that most offerings are direct thermal only but using the correct media could remedy and shortcomings.

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Print Apply Applicators

Primarily used in conveyor environments with technology requires two prices; the print engine and the applicator. Applicators are available in stock and custom configurations, while print engines generally are developed as an off-the-shelf item with varying speeds, dot densities and capabilities.  If developed and spec'd properly it will eliminate manual intervention of label application and placement. Placement standards are within 1/16”.  There are dozens of variables that must be considered when specifying a unit for particular application. Among them; label size, conveyor speed, print density and label application specifications. This product usually requires a site survey to assure all variables align with your goals and objectives.

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Primarily for the food industry, there are a variety of scales that can weigh down to as little as 1 gram.  

We not only can supply the scale but install and maintain it over the scale’s lifecycle.

Also see smart cabinets

Signage/Digital Displays

Signs today can take many different forms based on the application. The trend in retail is to use digital signage (equivalent to HDTV) to promote various means of advertising. This can range from very large displays the size of a kiosk, to extremely small displays the size of a postage stamp. There are now even digital unit price labels that can changed remotely instead of printing labels. Although technology is out ahead of the sign business there are still plenty of companies using traditional signs, shelf talkers, and displays. The difference today is that these are produced on digital presses and color laser printers, so even very low quantities are cost effective. Whatever your need TSG as the solution.

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Vehicle Mount Terminals

These units are designed to be mounted on forklifts, man-ups, or various pieces of mobile equipment. Being that picking and put away applications are primarily pallet driven when working with forklifts, most transactions can be processed and scanned while the user is sitting. This, in conjunction with long range scanning creates efficiencies throughout the entire process.  

Voice Recognition

There are a variety of data collection technologies but there are few that are ideal for certain applications. Hand free picking and putaway with high velocity products is ideal for voice recognition technology. This technology can be resident to a unit on your belt, interfaced to a headset, or client based interfaced to a portable terminal.  Either way, sophisticated recognition technology allows transaction processing which is 3 to 5X faster than traditional workflow operations.

Wearable Scanners and Terminals

These units cater to applications where piecework and hands-free applications create efficiencies. These units can be positioned on your forearms or the back of your wrist. Optics vary from short range to long range, and are typically positioned on your index finger. Touch screen with an integrated keyboard is common.

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