Our lines are designed for the fixed and mobile printing in the AIDC marketplace.
The typical offering for label and tag generation is Thermal transfer or direct


Our product lines include:

  • Thermal transfer and direct thermal label
    and tag printers

  • Windows based label creation software

  • Pre-printed, stock and custom labels and tags

  • Printer integration to existing in-house operating systems

  • Print and apply applicators for automated labeling

  • Printer parts and accessories











When analyzing an application, recommending the proper fit between hardware, software and the objective is our primary goal. Scanning obviously is a important part of this process. TSG carries a wide array of technologies. We have integrated scanners to a wide variety of todayʼs platforms. These include: 1D, 2D, LF, HF, UHF tethered or component level are common offerings. We will optimize scanning performance by investigating every portion of the application. We integrate scanners to virtually every platform available. This includes PCʼs lap-tops, portable terminals and fixed station terminals. Matching form, fit and function against customer expectations is critical Some typical offerings under these lines are: Tethered and RF barcode scanners Laser, CCD, Linear, digital and vision Fixed mount scanners for hands free or conveyor operations.

Mobility is the buzzword in today's marketplace. Portable terminals allow for a variety of applications ranging from asset management to field service. TSG supports both batch and RF terminals in a variety of configurations per user needs. TSG provides a wide selection of terminal emulator software clients to support  telnet, 5250, 3270, VT100/200, and many more. Mobile management products allow TSG, or your company's support team, direct access to portable devices for troubleshooting issues, updating, or any other support needed whether devices are in house or out in the field. 


We offer specialized portable solutions, programming, installation, and support services to meet your company requirements.





Dimensioning or “package intelligence,” describes the central importance of

companies’ package distribution operations. Package intelligence includes the

objective of manufacturers, shippers, transporters, and distribution centers

automatically capturing package data. Package handlers require “intelligence”

from barcode data (shipper, customer, address, unique package ID, etc.), weight,

dimensions, condition, and package material type.



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