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Custom Applications

TSG prides itself on designing labels and tags to match the applications workflow processes. Specialty materials, adhesive and coatings allow us to cater to your exact needs, where most of our competitors do not have the expertise to do this. The advantage we have is many of our employees previously worked for specialty label manufacturers, and this combined with the workflow and equipment knowledge, puts us in a unique position to address even the most difficult applications. Please allow us to analyze your needs, you won’t be disappointed. 

Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulation is a client that resides either on the portable terminal or on the networked server (Thin client vs thick client.)

This allows the user to work in an environment where the terminals are actually used as dumb tubes, and you are merely transferring pre-defined screens to and from the terminal. Based on your preference, TSG carries both thin and thick clients that are both public domain and proprietary to the hardware manufacturer. Staylinked, Ivanti, Nuartech, and Tekterm are just a few of the brands we carry.

Field Service

Being able to collect data and act on it is vitally important when out in the field or workplace. The biggest challenge is connectivity to a central database, or cloud. Being that you are in a variety of areas where WIFI may not be available, an RSM or GPRS link is essential to validate the data collected, and act on it. Batch applications will allow much of the same functionality, but typically it is not updated, and incomplete. Batch is fine for collecting data, just cumbersome when attempting to act on the data using an external database, as well as having to upload it at a central location. Rugged tablets are ideal for this task, and TSG carries a wide variety with various functionalities.

Check in/Check out

This small module we use as a front end to many of our proprietary products and enterprise offerings. Developed in Visual Basic, it gives us flexibility to modify this for a variety of applications, primarily tracking applications. Back end SQL database capability allows for quick lookups and editing of data for real time validation and archiving.

Yard Management

This application is different than many others being that it is typically over a wide area outdoors, and occasionally indoors. The key is to eliminate the labor it takes to collect the inventory and location data, while maintaining the real time integrity, and not only the inventory data, but the state and usage of the product. TSG has a variety of products that not only can track over vast areas in real time, but give you precise location data down to 1 meter. In some cases we also combine technologies to not only get precise location data, but validation as well. This is one application that will typically be prone to conducting a site survey, to assess the various solutions we can offer. 

COTS Packages

In more cases than not COTS (canned of the shelf) program satisfies a need for smaller applications. These can range from turnkey solutions to fully networked solutions. Label creation programs that operate in a WYSIWYG environment, in which a novice can design and build their own barcode applications.  These packages are not relegated to label creation. WMS, check in/checkout, asset management, tool crib, and stockroom inventory control are just a few of the offerings available in the market.

Label Creation

These COTS packages are designed to be easy to use with GUI capability and drag and drop features. All barcode symbologies are usually incorporated with dozens of design features while using drag and drop technology.  Compliance labeling standards for various vertical markets are also incorporated in these programs such as AIAG (automotive), HIBC (healthcare) and GS1 (logistics) to name a few. Within the last few years RFID standards have been added to the capabilities of these packages, along with UID standards for government.  


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