Support Services

On-site Services

In many cases on site service has become obsolete with the advent of mobile monitoring tools.  Diagnostics can be done by phone or we have the ability to dial into the unit whether it’s a portable terminal or printer and take control of the unit for troubleshooting and repair purposes.  Should the unit need to be repaired we can arrange a hot spare to be shipped and the unit services through depot repair or possibly we could arrange a service call.  Equipment has become so inexpensive in many cases its cost prohibitive to place a service call.  Either way though, we will do our best to accommodate you and solve the problem.

Managed Print Services

This term is defined as an automated inventory control system for all print media which is addressed outside your facility.  TSG will implement JIT (just in time) ordering and shipping procedures, grouping analysis to take advantage of economies of scale and product consolidation to minimize SKU’s.  This process should drastically cut your inventory costs not to mention stockouts while increasing cash flow.  We have warehouse facilities available east coast, mid-west and west coast for timely delivery and freight cost reduction. 

Although electronic media is the way of the world these days there is still a wide variety of printed product that needs to be inventoried, housed, disseminated and replenished.  Many of our people have come from the form and label field where form inventory management was a necessity.  Along with putting an inventory program in place to manage your consumables TSG can also perform grouping analysis when ordering to assure you are taking advantage of your economies of scale when ordering.  Annual trend analysis allows us to group based on efficiencies and peaks/lulls to minimize inventories and capital outlay.

Professional Services

We pride ourselves on bringing a vast amount of knowledge and experience to the table when addressing workflow and systems needs.  Our average systems analyst has 25 years of experience in the barcode and data collection field with not only a wealth of knowledge but industry accreditations to back it up. Steramist implementation- One of our target market markets is Healthcare where sterility practices are a primary focus.  After literally hundreds of hours of research we discovered a product completely safe to humans and animals but will bring a 6-log kill reflecting your sterility standards.  A VHP formulation with only a 7% concentration, it is ideal for pharma, labs, cruise-lines or any areas that need to maintain a high level of cleanliness.

Wireless Services

Wireless services today are defined through a multitude of frequencies, technologies and products.  The term “IOT” (the internet of things) has taken wireless applications to a new level with home goods items like toasters, refrigerators and even doorbells communicating wirelessly to the cloud on your existing network.   Whether is standard WIFI wireless protocols to drive portable terminals and printers or peripherals communicating Bluetooth, TSG understands your needs and can assist through our professional services group.  We have even designed some of our own products using Zigbee (802.15 2.4 Ghz) to communicate over its wireless mesh network.  We are experts in identifying the right wireless technology for the application presented to us.


Managed IT Services (SOTI, SOS)

Today, on site analysis and monitoring is a thing of the past.  Using a variety of tools, we can manage your software and monitor its performance. We have the ability to push down new software and applications to wireless terminals, take control of your units for troubleshooting and maintenance, push down patches and firmware and literally manage thousands of units remotely.  Printers and portable terminals are the majority of the remote monitoring, but we can perform the same service on IOT devices as well.

Training and Deployment Services

TSG is looking for long term relationships with all our customers.  In order to do this, we really need become a partner when addressing the systems and solutions that are deployed.  In some instances, constant training is a necessity because of system changes, new implementations and employee turnover.   We not only will manage the knowledge base needed for your personnel to perform effectively but can take control of the rollout and deployment of products and services over the long run.

 Technologies Solutions Group

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