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TSG offers software packages for every aspect of your business

We offer solutions for inventory control, mobile device management, asset management, mobile data collection, barcode verification, warehouse management, and specialized healthcare applications.


Asset Management

Our program MITS evolved out of other programs we have written through the years dating back to DOS. It was originally designed for the State of Maryland to track capital assets and interface with their state-wide enterprise database. We have modified it within the last couple of years to conform to mainstream capital management applications, as well as mobile asset management offerings. 

Check In/Check Out

This small module is used as a front end to many of our proprietary products and enterprise offerings. Developed in Visual Basic, it gives us flexibility to modify this for a variety of applications, primarily tracking applications. Back end SQL database capability allows for quick lookups and editing of data for real time validation and archiving 

COTS Packages

The COTS (commercial off the shelf) program satisfies a need for smaller applications. These can range from turnkey solutions to fully networked solutions. Label creation programs that operate in a WYSIWYG environment in which a novice can design and build their own barcode applications.  These packages are not relegated to label creation. WMS, check in/checkout, asset management, tool crib, and stockroom inventory control are just a few of the offerings available on the market. 

Field Service

Being able to collect data and act on it is vitally important when out in the field or workplace. The biggest challenge is connectivity to a central database or cloud. Being that you are in a variety of areas where WIFI may not be available, an RSM or GPRS link is essential to validate the data collected, and act on it. Batch applications will allow much of the same functionality, but typically it is not updated, and incomplete. Batch is fine for collecting data, just fairly cumbersome when attempting to act on the data using an external database, not to mention having to upload it at a central location.   Ruggedized Tablets are ideal for this task and TSG carries a wide variety, all with various functionalities. 

Inventory Control

This software can be as simple as a 4-field prompting schedule downloaded to a spreadsheet, to a full enterprise wide WMS system. Although we do carry our own WMS offering, we also have strategic partners which we can bring in to analyze, install and support offerings in a variety of different environments and operating systems. We also have designed inventory control into some of our own offerings such as Sani-track, Verxify and Shipsafe, although fairly rudimentary in nature. Should you have very unique needs, we will be able to tap our source code library to put together a custom solution at a very cost-effective price point.

Label Creation

These COTS packages are designed to be easy to use with GUI capability and drag and drop features. All barcode symbologies are usually incorporated with dozens of design features while using drag and drop technology. Compliance labeling standards for various vertical markets are also incorporated in these programs such as AIAG (automotive), HIBC (healthcare) and GS1 (logistics)  to name a few. Within the last few years RFID standards have been added to the capabilities of these packages along with UID standards for government. 

Mobile Data Collection

There is a reason our motto is “efficiencies in motion”.  Mobile data collection has been our specialty since we entered the market in the mid-eighties. We are workflow specialists that turn various data collection tasks into usable electronic data. Mobile data terminals with embedded scanners are the backbone of our data collection world with newcomers such as voice, Printers(believe it or not), and vision. We have written literally hundreds of one-off programs for specific customer needs, and can adapt various pieces of public domain code for a truly custom solution without starting from scratch.

Mobile Device Management

TSG has an array of remote monitoring tools with our two biggest being SOTI, (primarily for portable terminal management) and SOS (for remote printer management). In the modern world it is not necessary to make on-site service calls to diagnose problems, load new firmware, or simply configure a printer. These tools allow you to log into the system (assuming proper accreditation and fire wall approvals). We can take control of your device to diagnose issues and solve virtually any problem that a technician normally would have to be on site for.

Smart Cabinets

Cabinets that are weight-based guarantee validation of any item taken as low as 1 gram. Biometric, barcode, or RFID allow for access to each drawer. Software is cloud based and, in many cases, can be customized for individual vertical market applications.

Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulation is a client that resides either on the portable terminal or on the networked server (Thin client vs thick client). This allows the user to work in an environment where the terminals are actually used a dumb tubes and you are merely transferring pre-defined screens to and from the terminal. Based on your preference, TSG carries both thin and thick clients that are both public domain, and proprietary to the hardware manufacturer. Staylinked, Ivanti, Nuartech, and Tekterm are just a few of the brands we carry.

Warehouse Management: I-TRAK

TSG has a variety of partners with WMS systems. Warehouse management needs are very specific, based on a variety of variables. TSG will analyze all of your workflow and systems needs to make a recommendation on the proper supplier. Our full range of equipment and manufacturers will assure the right fit, not only from a process control perspective, but also a systems perspective.

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Yard Management

This application is different than many others being that it is typically over a wide area outdoors, and occasionally indoors. The key is to eliminate the labor it takes to collect the inventory and location data, while maintaining the real time integrity, and not only the inventory data, but the state and usage of the product. TSG has a variety of products that can track over vast areas in real time and give you precise location data down to 1 meter. In some cases we also combine technologies get precise location data and validation. This is one application that will typically be prone to conducting a site survey, to assess the various solutions we can offer.

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