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Material Inventory Tracking System

The Material Inventory Tracking System (MITS) was designed specifically for State/Federal Governments and Academia for accurately controlling capitalized inventory.

MITS uses barcode technology to expeditiously perform and reconcile inventories of Computer (IT), lab equipment, and any other asset such as furniture. MITS can also be used to effectively track evidence through the custody changes. MITS will accurately track an asset or item from the time of receipt to disposal.    

Careful consideration is given to make this system follow the guidelines established by State/Federal auditors with regard to inventory standards.

The MITS system is a SQL based product and will require Windows 7® and above for the “client” computers in order to operate the package. You will also need to have a SQL Server available to host the data. There is also a Cloud option that is available. The MITS also uses batch barcode scanners to remotely collect your inventory, first inventory and transfers.

TSG forms marketing alliance with MiT Systems in Fullerton California

MiT Systems, who recently has become a vendor of Amazon Web Services (AWS), was seeking a strong sales arm on the east coast to market and distribute many of their platforms. Some of their solutions include EZ Sales Mobile, which is a comprehensive suite of Direct Store Delivery (DSD) solutions, which meets the mission-critical needs of the mobile workforce by enabling them to manage all aspects of the supply chain including inventory management, order fulfilment, invoicing, payment collection and other route accounting functions. Another solution is the EZCloudSales® suite, allowing the customer to keep track of inventory, schedule orders and shipments, and manage communications. This is currently used by H&S Bakery who is a local customer of TSG. They have this solution deployed in over 150 schools for ordering bread products on a daily basis. TSG is going to expand the marketing of this system to other school vendors such as dairy products, who will be able to take advantage of electronic ordering and fulfillment. MiT Systems is also finishing a complete ERP package that can compete directly with the likes of SAP, JD Edwards and Oracle. This open architecture “Cloud” based system will greatly reduce the reliance upon the IT departments to make system changes and/or enhancements. TSG is excited for the upcoming year working with this group as we will have a large territory to take advantage of.




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