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COVID-19 Products and Services

NIOSH 95 Respirator

In the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many challenges the country has had to overcome, one of which is shortages of PPE. N95 masks are a key protective component which have been in short supply throughout the pandemic. Recently the CDC has approved decontaminating masks for reuse. TSG has developed a system to decontaminate with iHP (ionized hydrogen peroxide) while tracking the mask back to the original user.


N95 Mask

spun polypropylene and electrostatic cotton, cup type masks

No external valve

NIOSH, CE, EN ISO 13485:2016, ISO 9001:2015 certified

Filtration: SQ100Sb

Box: 20 units

Case: 20 boxes (1500 units)

Case dimensions: 24.5 X 22 X 24.5

Case weight: 30.36 lbs

Other Facial Masks



FDA Registration: Yes

FDA Product Code: MSH

Made in China

Although these items are not a core part of our product line they are an integral part of systems we have set up. We have developed great relationships over the years with our manufacturers in both foreign and domestic markets, that guarantee a quality product and quick turnaround time. 
All products are CDC or FDA approved. Please ask for the CDC certification number if interested.

          We offer a variety of other masks including:​

  • R95 Respirator Mask (x20)-RES-100 (Shown)

  • Half Face Respirator (S,M,L)-RES-H-3392,3393,3394

  • North 5500 Half Face Respirator (M)-RES-H-6106

  • Organic Vapor Filter-RES-H-19184

  • North Organic Vapor Combo-RES-S-21486




KN95 Mask


3M N95


P95 Respirator

Level 2 Inspection Gown

Isolation gown for use in ICU (approx. equivalent to Level 2)

Impermeable non-woven polypropylene and polyethylene

Non-sterile, disposable, blue

GB2626-2006, EN149:2001+A1:2009 Certified


Size: Length: 42.5”, Chest: 29”, Cuffs: 21”

Shelf Life: 2 years

FDA Registration: Yes

FDA Product Code: OEA

(non-surgical isolation gown)

Made in China


Case: 100 UNITS
Case Dimensions: 24” X 13.75” X 18.1”
Case Weight: 24.2 POUNDS
Terms: 100% Upfront
MOQ: 5000
Lead Time: 1-2 weeks

Barcode, data collection, and other healthcare products

Products needed for the ongoing eradication and prevention of infectious disease

Anti-microbial Products

All anti-microbial products are built with silver nitrate embedded in their molds to kill bacteria and other particulates that come in contact with it. Ideal for healthcare environments where the user is attempting to control their sterile environment. Essential for high touch environment devices.

amc printer.png




Tether and untethered


Mobile Terminal

With of without keypads



For field service applications such as infusion therapy, physical therapy and follow ups to telemedicine. Since these environments cannot be controlled from a sterility standpoint it is important precautionary steps are put in place.

N95 Mask Tracking & Decontamination System

One of the biggest problems during the COVID pandemic of 2020 has been getting reliable masks in the volume that you may be looking for. The FDA, under the emergency response bill, has made it viable to decontaminate masks with hydrogen peroxide vapor or misting formulations. 


TSG has developed a full track and trace resource, with the added ability to decontaminate masks and get them back to the original healthcare worker. If you would like to use your own in-house tracking system, we provide the ability to simply barcode the masks for track and trace purposes.

Service Bureau Capabilities-small quantity mask tracking

If your business is too small or doesn't have the volume of masks to justify buying in house equipment, we can generate barcodes in our service bureau and will send them to you in a specially lined box to transport your masks to be decontaminated.

We have developed this system to conform to OSHA requirements along with WHO standards of protocol. Please view our PowerPoint for more detail. Proposals are based on a variety of different factors such as logistics, volume, system implementation, and system capability. Contact one of our systems analysts with any questions you may have.

For more information, Click Here


Tempcheck-safe access control

Ensuring the safety of both employees and the general public when entering any facility, the Tempcheck System will provide a low-cost solution to checking people in an out of your facility. Monitor the health of employees, customers, and visitors to minimize the risk of spreading illness.

Learn More


Decontamination Products


Sanitrack-hand hygiene compliance

An enterprise- based system that allows labs, hospitals and critical areas to maintain hand hygiene compliance through wireless monitoring. These units are agnostic to any sanitizing dispenser on the market.  Employees wear passive RFID badges to not only monitor hand washing compliance, but to also monitor room entry following the WHO model.


A scaled down version of Sani-track that follows a 24/7 secret shopper model for hand hygiene compliance. These units work on a mesh network communicating back to the cloud monitoring in a community environment. Other functionality includes monitoring bladder usage in a dispenser.



A 7.8% hydrogen peroxide compound guaranteeing a 6 log kill for sterility protocols.  This ionized solution will decontaminate your facility using a misting solution with the final by-product being a water droplet.

Other Products



Although signs are not a major part of our product line in many cases, they are essential to complete the offering.  Typically, these signs revolve around specific applications such as social distancing.


Cot Pads

Yet another product not part of our core product line, but one of our customers manufactures them.

Perfect for field hospital. 

Call or 301-322-1000

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