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N95 Mask Tracking and Decontamination System


The COVID 19 pandemic blindsided many of the smartest people in healthcare in a variety of different areas. One of these areas was N95 facial mask usage and replenishment. Although many viruses are airborne, this is not the only way to contract a virus. The COVID 19 spores are highly contagious and primarily transmitted through cross contamination. In other words, touch an infected surface and then touch your face; you have a high probability of contracting the virus.

Sustainable Mask Usage

Our system is a full track and trace resource with the added ability to decontaminate masks and get them back to the healthcare worker. If you would like to use your own in-house tracking system, we provide the ability to simply barcode the masks in your supply chain.

We have developed this system to conform to OSHA requirements along with WHO standards of protocol. Please view our PowerPoint for more detail. Proposals are based on a variety of different factors such as logistics, volume, system implementation, and system capability. Please feel free to contact one of our systems analysts with any questions you may have.

Service Bureau Capabilities-low quantity mask tracking made simple

There are certain businesses that are too small and do not do the volume in masks to cost justify buying in house equipment. For customers such as this we will generate the barcodes in our service bureau and will send them to you in a specially line box, to return your mask to be decontaminated.


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N95 Decontamination Service PowerPoint (download)

N95 Mask Tracking and Decontamination Return Form (click here)

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