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Consulting Services

Site Surveys (Workflow, Wireless, Systems Analysis, Rack Labeling)

In order to understand your customers’ needs you must understand what procedures drive their business.  We strive to know as much about our customers business as they do themselves when addressing logistics, workflow and technology.  In order to do this comprehensive site surveys must be deployed in many instances to gather the data we need to formulate a truly comprehensive solution.

Six Sigma Certified

We realize in today's business environment due diligence needs to be done before a system or solution is put in place.  TSG offers these value-added services before the project is ever initiated.  We are fully certified on a variety of different levels to do the analysis you require and back end technical writing to report on our findings.

LEED Certified

Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, LEED, is an internationally recognized green building certification system which verifies that buildings or communities are designed and built using strategies to improve energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction,  indoor environmental quality, and stewardship of resources and sensitivity to their environmental impacts.

Lean Principles and Protocols

The definition of “Lean” within our marketplace is the systematic method for waste minimization within a manufacturing, distribution, healthcare or other pertinent area without sacrificing productivity. The definition of “automation” is the technique, method or system of operating or controlling a process using highly automatic means as by using electronic devices to improve and reduce human intervention.

Merging these two disciplines and tapping the latest technologies and techniques you are assured of the optimal solution to not only increase workflow efficiencies but bring the best possible return to your company’s bottom line. TSG will analyze your business practices and recommend procedures and workflow protocols reflecting the latest lean principles. 

 Technologies Solutions Group

...efficiencies in motion

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