Custom Applications

TSG prides itself on designing labels and tags to match the applications workflow processes.  Specialty materials, adhesive and coatings allow us to cater to your exacting needs where most of our competitors do not have the expertise to do this.  The advantage we have is many of our employees previously worked for specialty label manufacturers and this combined with the workflow and equipment knowledge puts us in a unique position to address even the most difficult applications.  Please allow us to analyze your needs, you won’t be disappointed. 

Terminal Emulation

Terminal emulation is a client that resides either on the portable terminal or on the networked server (Thin client vs thick client.  )  This allows the user to work in an environment where the terminals are actually used a dumb tubes and you are merely transferring pre-defined screens  to and from the terminal.  Based on your preference TSG carrier both thin and thick clients that are both public domain and proprietary to the hardware manufacturer.  Staylinked, Ivanti, Nuartech, and Tekterm are just a few of the brands we carry.

Field Service

Being able to collect data and act on it is vitally important when out in the field or workplace.   The biggest challenge is connectivity to a central database or cloud.  Being that you are in a variety of areas where WIFI may not be available and RSM or GPRS link is essential to validate the data collected and act on it.   Batch applications will allow much of the same functionality but typically its not  updated and incomplete.  Batch is fine for collecting data, just fairly cumbersome when attempting to act on the data using an external database not to mention having to upload it at a central location.   Rugged tablets are ideal for this task and TSG caries a wide variety with various functionality. 

Print/Apply Applicators

Primarily used in conveyor environments with technology requires two prices; The print engine and the applicator.  Applicators are available in stock and custom configurations while print engines generally are developed as an off the shelf item with varying speeds, dot densities and capabilities.  If developed and speced properly it will almost totally eliminate manual intervention of label application and placement. Placement standards are within 1/16”.  There are literally dozens of variables that must be considered when specifying a unit for particular application.  Label size, conveyor speed, print density and label application specifications are only a few.  This product usually requires a site survey to assure all variables align with your goals and objectives.

Check in/Check out

This small module we use as a front end to many of our proprietary products and enterprise offerings.  Developed in Visual Basic it gives us flexibility to modify this for a variety of applications, primarily tracking applications.  Back end SQL database capability allows for quick lookups and editing of data for real time validation and archiving

Yard Management

This application is different than many others being that its typically over a wide area outdoors and occasionally indoors. The key is to eliminate the labor it takes to collect the inventory and location data when maintaining the real time integrity or not only the inventory data but the state and usage of the product. TSG has a variety of products that not only can track over vast areas in real time but give you precise location data down to 1 meter. In some cases we also combine technologies to not only only get precise location data but validation as well.   This is one application that will typically be prone to conducting a site survey to assess the various solutions we can offer.

Dimensioning Systems

Logistics is probably one of the most competitive markets out there.  In order to stay ahead of the competition technology must be put in place to efficiently pack anything from vans to tractor trailers. This is minimize the not only the cost per square foot but the cube per square foot.  Dimensioning systems will figure out how to maximize your packaging space by inputting various information and creating an algorithm for packaging within the cube.  An imaging system will scan the box and instantly know the position and orientation of the box for packaging. 

Digital Signage

Signs these days can take many different forms based on the application.  The trend in retail is to use digital signage  (equivalent to a HDTV) to promote various means of advertising.  This can range from very large displays the size of a kiosk to extremely small displays the size of a postage stamp.  There are now even digital unit price labels that can changed remotely instead of printing labels. Although technology is out ahead of the sign business there are still plenty of companies using traditional signs, shelf talkers and displays.  The difference today is that these are produced on digital presses and color laser printers so even very low quantities are cost effective.  Whatever your need TSG as the solution.


TSG personnel has developed relationships with literally hundreds of suppliers for small items to finish off systems so we can fully support our installations.  From  mobile stands to mpunt terminals batteries for a variety of equipment we can supply not only system needs but also supply products down to the smallest detail.

RFID Readers, Encoders, Scanners

The primary focus of these products is UHF (ultra high frequency) however we do supply LF (low frequency) and HF (high frequency) equipment.  Each frequency has its own benefits and drawbacks and our staff in experts in deploying the right equipment for the individual -application.


Primarily for the food industry there are a variety of scales that can weigh down to as little as 1 gram.   We not only can supply the scale but install and maintain it over the scale’s life cycle.

Smart Cabinets

Cabinets which are weight-based guarantee validation of any item taken as low as 1 gram.  Biometric, barcode or RFID allow for access to each drawer.  Software is cloud based and, in many cases, can be customized for individual vertical market applications.

Voice Recognition

There are a variety of data collection technologies but there a few that are ideal for certain application.  Hand free picking and putaway with high velocity products is ideal for voice recognition technology.  This technology can be resident to a unit on your belt interfaced to a headset or client based interfaced to a portable terminal.  Either way sophisticated recognition technology allows transaction processing which is 3 to 5 times faster than traditional workflow operations.

COTS Packages

In more cases than not COTS (canned of the shelf) program satisfy a need for smaller applications.  These can range from turnkey solutions to fully networked solutions.  Label creation programs that operate in a WYSIWYG environment in which a novice can design and build their own barcode applications.  These packages are not religated to label creation.  WMS, check in/checkout, asset management, tool crib  and stockroom inventory control are just a few of the offerings available in the market.

Label Creation

These COTS packages are designed to be easy to use with GUI capability and drag and drop features.  All barcode symbologies are usually incorporated with dozens of design features while using drag and drop technology.   Compliance labeling standards for various vertical markets are also incorporated in these programs such as AIAG (automotive), HIBC (healthcare) and GS1 (logistics)  to name a few.    Within the last few years RFID standards have been added to the capabilities of these packages along with UID standards for government.  

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