An operating room inventory control system which allows your surgical tech or circulating nurse to check in and catalog all items used for your operating procedure.  Modules include sponge tracking, equipment tracking, instrument tracking and supply tracking such as medications and materials.  A wireless front and back end allows instant access to data in the OR. All data can be edited and written to our middle-ware program for dissemination of data across the enterprise.


Desktop manifesting of packages and letters has never been so easy. Access carrier information at your fi ngertips to make educated decisions concerning pricing, logistics and carrier choice.  It can be used as a tracking mechanism for intra-company transfers while validating in real time every facet of the pickup and delivery task.  Custom business rules can be designed for exacting specifications.

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Keep track of all of your healthcare equipment and assets company or enterprise wide using the latest in portable terminal technology. Back end database software (SQL) allows your users to populate and recall literally dozens of fields on the fly. Custom report capability allows queries on all of your collected data.
Powerful report capability allows all users on the network to sort and print reports using all portions of the asset database. The ad-hoc reporting tool allows for custom report generation.

Utilizing our comprehensive maintenance module users can recall repair and audit data or all equipment in service.
In this way users can check for users can be better informed as to the quality and workability of the unit before it is put into service. This goes directly against your quality of patient care.


A perpetual inventory system designed for the small to medium size company to track products through your storefront or warehouse. Receiving, picking, put away and shipping are all addressed in this PC based package. Also allows printing of rack labels on any thermal  transfer or laserjet printer offering.  Purchasing module includes inventory by manufacturer and internal part number, description, vendor, location.  Track reorder points avg monthly usage and EOQ. (economic order quantity.

Label creation software (COTS)

We offer a variety of of off-the-shelf software products for label generation, tracking and retrievel  of vital data.  Most packages can be interfaced with external databases via ODBC link or ASCII.   Bartender, Label Gallery, Labelview, Easy label. Label Matrix, Codesoft and others.

Intellitrack WMS (COTS)

A reliable affordable and easy to use warehouse management solution.  WMS is available in real-time radio frequency (RF) versions.  Benefits of the WMS system include improved inventory accuracy, increased labor productivity, and better customer service.  Intellitrack contains advanced warehouse management capabilities including directed picking and putaway, zone picking and space management, wave management and cross docking.

Intellitrack ISRP

The scaled down version of WMS which just includes Inventory, shipping, receiving and putaway. Many of the WMS features are included at a very affordable price point for the small warehouse.  Offering is for batch terminals only.  Application software resides on the batch portable and results are downloaded to the main host application.