RFID Development

Inlay design – Technologies Solutions Group has the tools and knowhow to design RFID inlays (UHF) which will meet with your specific application needs.  Although there are literally dozens of chip sets and antenna designs there are still hundreds of vertical market applications that have not been addressed specifically.  This is because either the technology does not exist as of yet or there is no demand to produce the product in bulk.  TSG can cut through those barriers with our “optimizing software” and design and inlay that will optimize the depth of field (coverage area) and energy field (shape and intensity) to reflect your application requirements.  We also have the ability to marry these inlays to different substrates for a complete systems solution.

TSG can put together a comprehensive requirements and needs analysis reflecting exactly what the application calls for before you ever invest in design and inlay manufacturing.  Let our team of RFID analysts and engineers take a look at your requirements today.



Download a copy of “Optimizing Sales with Bi-Directional Phased Array RFID (Bi-PhAR)” white paper which describes many of the benefits of using Bi-PhAR technology.