Visi-Sponge (Future)

Keep Track of your Surgical Sponges

Leveraging technology to provide real-time sponge counts.visisponge

Reduce the likelihood of foreign entities left in the body with Visi-Sponge.  Visi-Sponge is a “systems approach” to the counting, reconciling, and reading of surgical sponges and sharps.

Visi-Sponge Features and Benefits

  • Automatic count allows for real-time reconciliation of sponges
  • Redundant technologies reduce error probabilities
  • Ability to scan multiple sponges at one time
  • Unique sponge ID assures no duplicate counts
  • Little or no biohazard exposure by kickbucket recounts
  • All produce counts are displayed and emulated electronically to eliminate any manual transposition while data can be manipulated a variety of ways
  • Made from ANTI-MICROBIAL plastics
  • Much more

How can Visi-Sponge™ help your facility?

Drastically reduce your probability of unaccounted sponges

75% of all foreign entities left in the body are surgical sponges.  TSG has developed a “systems approach” to reduce the risk of this costly problem.  Sponge-Track uses automation to address counting, reconciling and archiving.   2D barcoding, font recognition and RFID allow the attending nurse to come as close to an “absolute” count as possible. Although we are emulating your existing workflow there are a variety of added benefits derived from the system.

Visi-Sponge, and its state of the art features for more reliable work flow:

Visi-Sponge Toughbook
The Visi-Sponge Toughbook can be used at all times, even in extreme levels lf damp, dust, heat, cold or vibration.  The optimized display technology with extra low reflection rate ensures excellent clarity of display even in bright, ambient light.

RFID Body Wand
Using radio waves to signal the RFID tag to identify itself, the Body Wand can locate a missing tagged sponge.

RFID Enabled Sponge Track
The sponge has been designed so surgical teams can more easilty-and accurately-verify the number of sponges at the start of the operation with the number of sponges actually used during the procedure.

RFID Kick Bucket
When a sponge passes through the opening and falls into the bag, a reader interrogates the radio frequency identification tag attached to the sponge and determines from the unique identification code on the tag what type of sponge (Lap, Mini-Lap, Raytec, etc.) has entered the bucket.

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