Innovation to Improve Compliance Rates for Hand Hygiene

int_logo_sanitrackEasily integrates with existing sanitizing stations and reduces the risk of hand hygiene violations.

Sani-Track™ is an effective solution for hand hygiene compliance that is easily implemented in any hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, dental office or other patient care environment

Sani-Track Features and Benefits

  • Made to work with all existing hand hygiene systems
  • Web based setup and reporting
  • Network connectivity using existing Wi-Fi or POE technology
  • Simple administrative control panel
  • Detailed data and statistical analysis
  • Detailed violation log reporting
  • Data breakdown by employees, departments, date ranges, etc.
  • Follow up data (actions taken, statuses, etc.)
  • Custom Notifications
  • Customizable Reporting
  • Much more…

How does Sani-Track™ work?SaniTrackFrontViewA

Utilizes RFID badges to monitor hygiene compliance for each employee

Technologies Solutions Group has developed a generic wall mount which can accommodate most of the existing wall mounted sanitizer/soap dispensers currently in use in the healthcare industry.  The mounting plate houses RFID signal technology and infra-red proximity sensors to monitor hygiene compliance at the source.

When hospital employee and/or visitor enters the room, a door sensor trips a signal to our wall plate and times out a predefined count-down for the employee/visitor to use the sanitizer dispensers.  The entry time is stamped and matched with the employee’s badge number.  The compliance event and/or violation event (failure to sanitize) is immediately sent to the Infection Control Office or a monitoring entity defined by the client.  A complete log is stored by shift for review and action by the appropriate internal entity(s).

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