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Keep Track of your surgical sponges

Keep track of your surgical sponges

In today’s surgical theatre there is enough to think about without having to worry about whether your sponges and sharps are accounted for. It is estimated there is one occurrence in every 1500 surgeries of a foreign entity left in body. Of these, 75% are surgical sponges. These events typically result in longer hospital stays not to mention follow up surgeries triggering possible litigation.

How Sponge-Track can help

Technologies Solutions Group has developed a “systems approach” to the counting, reconciling and reading of surgical sponges and sharps. We are emulating your existing workflow procedures using automation to address counting, reconciling and archiving. 2D barcoding, font recognition and RFID allow the attending nurse to come as close to an “absolute” count as possible. Although we are emulating your existing workflow there are a variety of added benefits derived from the system.

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