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Sani-Track unitUses existing hand hygiene stations and dispenser wall mounts with minimal infrastructure disruption.

The hand hygiene problem

Hand hygiene as it is understood today requires three to 30 applications of hand rub per hour during patient care, which translates to one hand rub application up to every 2 minutes during intensive care activities.

The reality, however, is that unobserved healthcare workers perform very few hand hygiene actions during their work day. The magnitude of the task of fixing this substandard quality of care has challenged infection control professionals worldwide for many years.

How Sani-Track can help

The patented generic Sani-Track wall mount, accommodates all modes of soap and sanitizer dispensers, with one of the lowest infrastructure/installation disruption room down time in the industry. Sani-Track can be easily implemented in any hospital, outpatient clinic, nursing home, dental office or other patient care environment.

Most hygiene verification products depend heavily on calling attention to noncompliance i.e whether through blinking lights, beeps or vibrations. Sani-Track compels compliance through positive reinforcement, behavior modification, and creating healthcare worker efficiency. Sani-Track is designed to become a part of the daily activities of caregivers without causing a disruption in workflow or becoming a source of annoyance.
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