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TSG Featured in Business Solutions Magazine – April 2016

Take Mobile Asset Tracking To New Heights In Healthcare

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Asset, patient tracking systems vie for dimensional expansion

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Big Brother strives to fortify Big Data to generate Big Outcomes


TSG Featured in RFID Journal


The solution, using passive RFID badges from Rippedsheets.com, tracks when an individual enters a room, and then whether that worker uses a hand sanitizer.

TRUE Costs of Hospital-Acquired Infections: $96 billion to $147 Billion

Finally, a peer reviewed study showing the huge societal costs of Healthcare Acquired Infections: “Economic Burden of Healthcare-Associated Infections in U.S. Acute Care Hospitals – Societal Perspective” By reading the study thoroughly, you wil ...

Progress with RFID in Medical Devices and Healthcare.

The combination of modern IT solutions with RFID provides numerous benefits for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It improves patient identification, facilitates tracking of medical devices and automates management of goods. RFID automatically increases patient safety in ...

Medical Uses for RFID Products

There are a lot of interesting ways to use RFID products in the medical field. However now that the tags, themselves, can be made small; pharmaceuticals, lab samples, wristbands and other medical equipment can be tracked and traced, and data entry can be automated. Thus, RFID pro ...